This couple paid off their $300,000 mortgage in 5 years then took a year off to travel

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Rob and Reshawn Lee have always wanted to travel.

But between juggling family, busy careers and bills, they made it into their 40s without seeing much of the world.

Rob had a successful career in IT, and Reshawn worked in sales. Together, they would take home more than $200,000 in a good year.

“We just thought we will never have enough time to see all the places we want to see,” Reshawn Lee said.

“We could get too old to do the things we want to do. We want to walk on glaciers, to climb up mountains,” Lee said.

So the couple came up with a plan: Pay off their mortgage, quit their jobs, and then travel and start their own business.

They had purchased a $300,000 home in 2013 near Dallas with a 15-year loan, putting 10% down. Freeing up the more than $2,600 they paid each month on the mortgage would give them the cushion they needed to chase their dreams.

In June 2018, the couple paid off that mortgage balance and then spent all of 2019 traveling — to 23 countries and more than 35 cities.

Now the Lees sell real estate, own a travel business of their own and run the YouTube channel Learn Hustle Grow.

Check out this video to see how they did it and what they plan to do next.

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