The Purpose Behind the LKS Foundation: A Blockchain-Inspired Organization


The LKS Foundation is an Italian non-profit foundation that aims to promote initiatives that use the principle of sharing information through blockchain technology and spread the culture of fintech to innovate in sectors such as crowdfunding, ICO, and decentralized finance technologies.

The Foundation’s President, Federico Olivo, is chairman and co-founder at Vistra SRL, a company specialized in offering consult and training services on Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE). With over 20 years of experience, Federico has a background in entrepreneurship, management, process mapping, and optimization; offering a unique perspective to the LKS Foundation. All members of LKSCOIN offer years of experience in different industries. Their knowledge was applied in the development of the organization and the blockchain-based solution they are now offering to content creators.

The first project of LKS Foundation seeks to ensure the development of a cryptocurrency designed to have a significant impact on the web by offering the possibility to track and remunerate, through payments and donations, content creators within social networks. The LKSCOIN is already and will enhance its mission of being a means of payment for content creators, capable of protecting the copyright of their content.

In today’s world, digital content represents a $153 billion industry that will continue to grow in the years to come. Unfortunately, like many other industries, it has its flaws. The biggest issue with digital content is ensuring the traceability of the origin of the content, guaranteeing authors their rights over the content that they produce. The LKS Foundation has analyzed the industry and studied this specific problem, developing a blockchain-based solution capable of overcoming the difficulties that social media represents to copyright holders.

Additionally, the LKS Foundation comes with an already tested solution. The LKSCOIN has been successfully integrated with Cam.TV, a community of knowledge with more than 360,000 users who use the LKSCOIN to monetize likes. More than 20,000 LKSCOINS transactions are made daily on this platform.

To achieve its ultimate goal of guaranteeing ownership rights, the LKSCOIN is promoting a token sale to finance the development of a Non-Fungible Token aimed at providing content creators with a blockchain-based tool capable of protecting copyright without the hassle of developing a native smart contract or blockchain network. The LKSCOIN currently has more than 800 active nodes to guarantee the security and decentralization of the platform.

As part of its future strategy, the LKS Foundation plans to create a campus where they can host companies and brilliant minds to help improve and develop the platform, creating new business models in line with the times. Additionally, the future development of the NFT will help to counter fake news and allow copyright protection, satisfying a need in the market.

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