Sixpenny Redefines What Slipcovered Furniture Can Be

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While the economy has declined overall during COVID, home furnishing sales have been on the rise. This is especially true for direct to consumer brand Sixpenny, which at just three years old, is on its way to becoming a major player in the direct to the consumer furniture market. By the end of July 2020 , the brand’s revenue increased fourteen percent over the entire previous year.

But the rise of consumer spending in this category as a whole isn’t the only reason why the brand has seen this growth. Sixpenny’s slipcovered sofas are incredibly durable, aesthetically pleasing, and a favorite among top design influencers and celebrities alike.

Pivoting During the Pandemic

During the summer of 2020, the company softly rebranded, streamlining its offerings by focusing on slipcovered upholstery. While the brand was already eco-friendly, they became even greener by eliminating any synthetic materials in their products— offering only 100 percent natural slipcovers. 

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“With everyone spending more time indoors, we have seen growth in demand supported by an increased focus on home, creating a trend that is industry-wide,” Casey Craighead, senior marketing manager tells me. “COVID has forced abrupt behavioral changes. We seem to be transitioning into an era that will last beyond COVID where people are investing more time within, which can manifest itself in self-care or within the home.”

While it’s easy for people to live with a hard piece of furniture that they’re lukewarm about, the sentiment is less so when it comes to a sofa. Life is challenging enough in the middle of a pandemic. Having a place to sit and relax or gather with family is of the utmost importance. 

Slipping Up

While Sixpenny didn’t invent the slipcover, the brand is re-defining what slipcovered furniture can be in several ways. While it’s easy to design a couch or sectional that’s aesthetically pleasing, the reality of most sofas is that they’re challenging to clean.

Sixpenny offers slipcovers in several materials: cotton canvas, washed velvet, washed cotton linen, lightweight linen, and medium weight linen. While all of these fabrics are generally durable, the fact that they can be both spot-cleaned and removed for dry cleaning means the average person can maintain their sofa for years without worrying about kids, pets, or the occasional wine mess.

Sixpenny’s aesthetic is also far more sophisticated than most slipcovered sofas. The fabrics are available in mostly neutral solids from shades of white and beige, to sage green, indigo, and even a washed-out shade of coral. However, the velvet slipcovers are available in bolder jewel tones including a vibrant amber.

The fabrics can be spot cleaned, but dry cleaning is recommended for best results. However, because of the all-natural quality of the fabrics, the slipcovers can be occasionally machine washed on a delicate cycle and then air-dried. Customers also have the option to buy extra slipcovers directly on Sixpenny’s website, which is more economical and better for the environment than buying an entirely new sofa.

Each cushion is generously filled with a luxe feather down and poly fiber blend. Sixpenny’s partner uses only non-live-plucked down feathers and is required to renew this certification after inspection every year. Vegan polyfill cushions are also available for those with allergies or who prefer an animal-free product at the same price. And while their sofas are known for being comfortable, they have just the right amount of fill for a stuffed but not “overstuffed” look, which can be slightly dated.

The frames, which are manufactured from a kiln-dried solid hardwood are also durable and made to last for years. 

The Power Of Instagram 

In addition to a celebrity following from Aaron Paul, Jenna Dewan, and Margot Robbie, Sixpenny has seen their greatest successes with user-generated content and social media campaigns. Sixpenny’s conversion cycle is at least a month, with about seven impressions to drive a call to action. So the algorithm has truly worked in the brand’s favor. 

Sixpenny’s first big partnership was with Emily Henderson, who proclaimed the Neva chair “The most comfortable chair ever,” on her blog. The post, while three years old, is still driving customers today.

They also recently partnered with Aspyn Ovard, who featured the Neva sectional on her blog and Instagram. The Neva has been the brand’s signature and top-selling product. With a slightly minimalist aesthetic and unique flat arms, it’s incredibly versatile. It has universal appeal in almost every style of room from modern to contemporary and even traditional.

In addition to Henderson and Ovard, Carley Page Summers, Cotton Stem, and House Seven Design have collaborated with the brand. 

Expanding Their Offerings

Over the summer, Sixpenny launched new console and coffee tables made from oak and pine woods. On October 15th, the brand will launch several new products including upholstered slipcovered dining chairs, dining benches, banquette seating, and dining tables. Perfectly timed for the holidays, these pieces are a great way to integrate Sixpenny’s signature style throughout the home.

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